Since commencing charters in April 2005 Tengirri has taken hundreds of surfers throughout the islands off the West Coast of Sumatra. Here is some feedback from a few past guests…

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Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2024 season)

Another outstanding surf charter on the Tengirri in Mid Feb. Thanks Phil and Oscar for getting us safely to lots of uncrowded, off-shore surfing breaks (UCP) across the southern Mentawai Island chains. Mellow early season might be a misnomer, no thanks to the rogue sets that smashed us at Lances Left, whew, character building !! Cheers to all the Tengirri crew, especially Rio and Rusty, and special mention to our great chef, Donal who continues to amaze with his culinary skills. Freshly caught tengirri coconut curry was a highlight and I’m looking forward to my 11th trip, yeah boiz.

Boggy Smith – Gold Coast February 2024

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2019 season)

Hi Phil and Anthony,
In my 12 or so boat trips to Indo in the last 20 years, this was the best Crew/Boat yet. Surf Guide Nick knew the spots where and when for the the best/uncrowded surf. Skipper Oscar, Chef Donny, Rusty and Andy were an incredible crew. Funny, hard working, fantastic food and service! Top rating!

Thanks from Jim Kelly – USA – August 2019

Thanks ! – 06 July to 18 July 2019
To the Tengirri Crew,

Just wanted to let you know I had the best, most professional trip I’ve ever had through Indonesia with Lukey and the crew!

I couldn’t speak more highly of the way Luke skippers the boat – he’s incredibly professional, super enthusiastic and always attentive to getting the best service possible to the guests. His management of and work with the crew was outstanding and he looked after me so so well when the head injury was looking quite sketchy. A true professional and a top bloke!

You have a fantastic crew on board as well – in particular Rio was super friendly and nothing was ever too much trouble and everything was responded to with a smile! We always felt very safe with Oscar at the wheel and likewise the food was great with Donny (seriously good chef!) and Rusty was likewise always professional and attentive.

Awesome team – it truly made the trip!

Regards, Russell Delroy, Perth, Australia, July 2019

To the Tengirri Crew:

We just wanted to send a quick follow up to our trip. First of all thank you for the opportunity of taking out the Tengirri, that boat was so insanely sick and was built to perfection. The speed coupled with the 5 star accommodations and its ability to take on rough seas was incredible and we all felt 100% safe at all times.

The food was absolutely amazing and Donny was the coolest guy, so rad that he’s been on that boat for 14 years! I couldn’t believe the meals he would whip up for us or that he would spend three hours making a local curry dish to perfection. We were under the impression that we we’re going to be eating spaghetti, rice and fish the whole time but Donny constantly out did his last meal time after time, unbelievable.

Rio and Rusty were also so amazing. Anytime anyone needed anything they were right there to help us out whether it was having an ice cold glass of water waiting for us after a surf, cleaning out our reef rash wounds, filling our cooler with Bintangs or helping us get Banshee on the TV **Yeah Bansheeee**. They were such cool guys, they had such positive attitudes and couldn’t be more helpful with us but also with each other, Oscar, Donny and Luke. Oscar just had a smile painted on his face the whole time and was such a knowledgeable boat captain. He was such a cool guy to have on the boat and was also had such a positive attitude that mirrored the froth of our crew. He spent so much time filming us and always got the shot, mad skillz.

Luke… Where to start with this guy… All of us could not be luckier than to have scored a captain/guide like Luke. He was so knowledgeable and put us in the barrel every single day. He knew what we could and couldn’t handle and would help push ourselves into better, deeper barrels. He was super professional, never missed a beat but was also super friendly and awesome to be around. He got us on the waves FIRST every single morning and would get us out of bed with a pump up song at 5 AM every day. We were constantly first in the water surfing uncrowded perfect waves. I could not believe how much time he spent in the water taking photos, it was hours and hours and he always had an edit of the best photos and videos ready for us at dinner. We for sure would not have gotten half the barrels and waves we got without Luke’s cool, confident encouragement to sit deeper and take proper set waves. I have never seen such a perfect mix of professionalism and fun. We all had 100% trust in Luke to put us on the right waves and to keep us safe during crossings and any maneuvering of the boat. You can really see his passion for the water and for getting his crew barreled off their heads while keeping them safe as his number 1 priority.

All in all that was the best vacation we all have ever been a part of, everything was 5 stars from the boat to the food to the service and to the waves. We would recommend the Tengirri to anyone who’s thinking of taking a trip out to the Ments. Thank you again for everything and we will for sure be booking another trip with Luke on the Tengirri in the near future!

Thanks, Connor Bray, USA, June 2019

I thought I should drop you a note following our recent surf trip, before reality sets back in. I have done many surf charters over the years and have written a letter of appreciation only once before. I like to reserve this for the truly memorable one.
A number of factors contributed to its success. Luke was simply an outstanding surf captain; one of the best we have ever had. Not only did he deliver good uncrowded waves consistently, but he did so with a level of strategic thinking, communication and professionalism that I have not had the pleasure of witnessing before. He listened and was well attuned to each of us. Together with Nick, we all felt that they did everything they possibly could with the prevailing conditions to ensure that everyone had a great day everyday both in and out of the water.
The absolute dedication to capturing the day’s activities on film so we could have a chuckle (in my case) during the evening re-runs and hurl abuse at the occasional drop-in was very much appreciated. Luke literally swam around for hours each day, with camera in hand. And we have never received a personalised movie at the end of a trip before. Nick undoubtedly spent hours perfecting each of these and this together with some Tengirri merchandise at the end was a nice touch.
Without exception, every meal onboard was of a very high standard and Donny received constant applause. The crew’s ‘no problem’ attitude was also terrific. Rio and Rusty worked tirelessly and always with a smile. Oscar’s engagement with each of us and in all levels of operation around the boat showed why he has the respect of everyone.
Thank you for such a memorable surf holiday. My compliments to you and your team. We’ll consider the Tengirri again.

Todd Alexis SC, Sydney Australia, May 2019.

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2018 season)

Tengirri Team,
It had been 4 years since our last trip on the Good Ship Tengirri, but it didn’t take long for all the Boiz to get into the swing of things. Safe, comfortable, great food, and the same friendly Crew always makes you feel welcome. Same, Same but always different!! Different rotation of location and waves depending on conditions, and a few new waves thrown in for good measure. Thanks again for a great trip, and now just have to plan the next one.

Wayne Carter, Sydney Australia, February 2018.

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2016 season)

Just wanted to thank you and the entire crew of Tengirri for what was, “The Best” trip we have ever had.
Cool Hand “Luke” was a great guide and Master Of Ceremonies. Luke was able to deliver exactly what we were looking for and always with a smile.
The boat was fast and comfortable and always had a cold beer available. Some of the best food we have ever had on any trip and huge amounts if you were keen enough.
The crew were attentive and very willing to head out to take photos and videos which were greatly appreciated.
Overall the Tengirri had a reputation of quality and friendliness which I can confirm is still very much in practice.
The entire process from booking to delivery back to the airport after the trip, was easy and well organised and executed.
Thanks Tengirri for the memories……

Chris Duncan, Sydney Australia, April 2016.

Hi Tengirri,
The trip on Tengirri far exceeded our expectations. We were all first timers to the Ments and Luke’s knowledge and experience meant we got to surf some perfect waves all to ourselves. Even when we eventually travelled to areas with other boats he always seemed to be one step ahead of them. All the Indo boys were faultless too. We ate like kings, never had to get out of our seat for a Bintang and even had our boards waxed before each surf! On top of that they are all great guys and we had a lot of good laughs. All the best for the rest of the year and we will hopefully be back on board in 2018!

Daniel Lissette, Sydney Australia, March 2016.

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2015 season)

G’day Anthony,
We had a great trip with you guys last year in September – October. Even though we didn’t get a great amount of swell, the crew and Luke made the most of what was on offer.
We had many Ment’s veterans and the consensus was that Tengirri was the best experience they, the Vets could remember.

Tim Wright, Victoria, Australia, September 2015.

Hey Tengirri,
I want to thank you so very much of the best times on your boat! It wouldn’t of been possible with your great crew. Boats are boats but its the “Experience” one takes away with them and you’ve certainly met the mark with it. Looking forward to the next trip with you again.

Jeff Locke, Huntington Beach, California, October 2015.

Hey Mate,
Just like to complement you on your boat and staff I’ve been around on a few charters mate and there is no better skipper/guide than Luke as far as I’m concerned absolute legend. Accommodated everyone to the best of our surfing ability and was always trying to get us the best waves possible with winds provided Just thought I’d drop you a line as negatives out way positives these days so yewwww!!!! Cheers cob

Daniel Liaros, Perth, August/September 2015.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic host Luke was. And also Donald, Oscar, Inn and Zuel. All top blokes who put up with our raucous mob. They’re all an asset to your business. The boys are all booked up to go out again during the shoulder season next year. The boat’s still in great nick. The boys had such a good time and we’re all depressed now….Yeah Boyzzz.

Benny Johnson, Sydney Australia, August 2015

Hi Tengirri,
The trip was great and the crew flawless! Have just been chatting to the boys here and we’re pretty keen next year. Weather permitting, we’d be interested in trying to get up to the telos next year.

Andrew Lau, Sydney Australia, August 2015.

Hi Tengirri,
It was a great trip and really good to catch up with Luke again. He made some great calls regarding the surf and made every possible effect to make sure we got to surf quality waves in the best conditions.(and looked after our safety) the final morning at lance’s right was a real highlight. Not sure how he planned that one! The crew of the Tengirri were as hospitable as ever and it is always a pleasure to hang out with the Indo boyz. Donnie’s cooking was fantastic with lots of indo food. The soto was amazing!!!

Hector Faulkner, Perth, July 2015.

Just wanted to say thank you for a great trip – waves were good, Luke and the crew fantastic, other guests were fun. Hope to do it again some time.

Mitchell Adermann , Australia , April 2015.

Hey Tengirri,
Thanks again for a great trip down in the Mentawai’s aboard your very fine ship. I cannot imagine a more efficient way to LIVE THE DREAM. We had a really great time and definitely hope to do it again before too long.
All the best,

Eric Delvoye, USA, Late March 2015.

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2014 season)

Hi Anthony,
Just like to say both Hugo and I had a f#*@ing great surf trip. The tengirri service was fantastic. All the Indo boys were great and Hugo really enjoyed their hospitality. A special thanks to Luke who was just amazing as a surf guide and made some great calls about the surf. Hugo again really appreciated surfing and slicing with Luke at *******. Many thanks….

Hector Faulkner, Perth, Late September 2014

Hi Tengirri,
Luke did a great job finding us uncrowded waves, everyone totally stoked with the trip. Couldn’t believe the food!!
Was a great trip with lots of uncrowded good waves, also gave the boiz the opportunity to surf the name waves as well. Got good telos, Thunders, Burgerworld, HTs, lances left, some cooking beachies, really fun batcaves and twin peaks!! Great variety of waves and heaps of uncrowded surf. Crew were awesome as usual providing top service!!

Alan Lee, West Oz, September 2014

Hey Tengirri,
After a long transit home I have finally returned to the reality of work in Sydney. I finally have a few moments to decompress and form a brief complimenting email.
I just want to say you have a unique business in the Ments, your crew worked tirelessly and somehow effortlessly to get the boys epic, memorable waves (DAILY!) over the last two weeks.
Donny’s cooking is second to none I have experienced in Indonesia. His character and work ethic are above and beyond anything you’d expect to see in the middle of no-where in the Indian Ocean.
Ini worked rain-squall or shine and although this was probably a trying trip for him this-time-around he kept it (and Zu) together. He is a credit behind the camera at times as well!
Oscar, that cheeky skipper of yours, what a bloody legend. He knows those islands like his backyard and kept the boys stoked on new waves every day. He always knew best and has a humor to match the Aussie boys on the trip.
Luke kept the boys stoked on waves every friggen day! He did an incredible job of milking the swell on the small days and finding waves for all the boys abilities on the bigger days – the skill level was so broad it appeared to be a tough balancing act from day one!

Thanks again for having me in on your last trip. I am rounding up my brother and some mates for next year. I’ll be in touch in the next few months!
Kind Regards,

Tyson Millar, Sydney (Australia) August 2014.

Just a quick one to say a big thank-you for the trip.
The service, the food, the overall quality of the boat, the sleeping arrangements, the staff and of course the surf placement, was impeccable.It was a great trip and I had so much fun.
It was great to see you again after a few years. Hopefully I will make it back again sooner this time?
Thanks once again. Good luck for the rest of the year!

Russell Gibbons, Sunshine Coast (Australia) May 2014.

Hi Tengirri,
I just wanted to let you know the trip was amazing – My best surf trip yet!
There were many things that helped make the trip so good but i think the biggest one was Luke.
I come to the Mentawais cause every surfer has to. I didn’t expect to get many waves and i expected it to be crowded.
It was quite the opposite. We seemed always one step ahead of the other boats and had waves to ourselves a lot of the trip. It seemed like the other boats were following us and always seemed to arrive after we had already had a good session. Talking to other people in the water that wasn’t the case for them.
He was also great with explaining what was going on each day and in particular for me giving me some advice on the different breaks.He went out of his way to get everyone the waves they were chasing and was very professional. Something that seems to be rare these days in the surf charter industry.

The food was amazing, wish i was still eating that food.

Also the time the guys put into taking photo’s and filming, in particular Luke with the editing. Many many hours every day. It really made the trip to have some pictures and video to look at each evening and especially something to take home.

Steve Byrnes, Gold Coast (Australia) April 2014.

Hi Tengirri,
End of April to May 1 , what a great trip thankyou and to the awesome skipper and crew could not have done any more to get us in the perfect spot to surf everyday. Luke and crew are so helpful and are great to be around, thankyou again safe travels and till see you again next time I do a indo trip.

Phil Branch, Sydney (Australia) April 2014.

Hey Tengirri,
Hope everything is going well on your current trip, and the Boiz are getting some waves. Just wanted to thank to you, and the crew (Oscar, Donald, In, Benny) for a great March trip.
Tengirri and you guys are the bomb. Five star food, plenty of beer, comfortable beds, air-conditioned comfort, and great waves thrown into the mix.
Now I know what Peter has been raving about for years, I’ll happily recommend Tengirri to anyone thinking of coming to the Mentawais.

Wayne Carter, Sydney (Australia) March 2014

All the boys are raving about their trip and are now repeatedly playing the ‘surf dvd’ to their families. Everyone had a GREAT time. These guys rarely get away with just the boys, so this was a special trip for them. We thank you for a memorable experience. 1st Class !!!!!
Thanks mate

Pete Greig Sydney (Australia) March 2014

Hi Anthony,
Thanks again for another great trip! We’ll keep coming back for more. Overall each trip keeps getting better, I’ve done 4 so far (3 with my dad) and all very special, scored perfect waves and lots of uncrowded waves. Tengirri keeps putting us at the right spots for the conditions and tend to always get us waves without any other boats around. The food is delicious, not your normal boring stuff, just good all round food the whole time. Always left overs if you want more!
I’d recommend the Tengirri to anyone, from Pro’s to average surfers, to young and old. The crew will put you in waves that will suit your ability and everyone elses on the boat. The Tengirri is comfy and spacious and loads of room when just 6 on board, and even with a full boat at 8! You’ll never be bored, just out surfed and totally relaxed! You’ll be planning your next trip before the end of the trip you’re on!
I’ve done a trip as a single, with 2 of us, and with my father, and with a group of friends, and each time we have all had a great time and been surfed out on all types of waves, and seen the Mentawis from tip to toe!
Cant wait for the next trip!

Joel Campbell Sydney (Australia)February 2014

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2013 season)

Hi Anthony
Just wanted to let you know that everyone on board for T13 were absolutely stoked at the Tengirri and the level of service provided while we were out in the islands.
Thanks for everything – was a great trip.

Tristan Webb, Sydney (Australia), July 2013

Epic trip Tengirri! You never fail to deliver! It’s always offshore on the Tengirri !! I think I have separation anxiety!
Karl Page, Sydney (Australia) June 2013.

Dear Tengirri
For the first time in a few weeks I am sitting at my desk, and its 3 degrees this morning, which is a bloody shock to the system!. On behalf of the boiz , I wanted to thank you and your staff for providing us with a wonderful surfing holiday.
Your hospitality, friendly and efficient staff and your surf destination expertise was outstanding. The highlight for us was without a doubt the waves at; *****, and *********** -uncrowded perfection!
Thank you once again for a magnificent holiday.
Kind regards

Al Craig, Melbourne (Australia) June 2013.

The hardest thing about these Tengirri trips is shi#!ing and surfing….everything else is done for you!
Michael (Boggy) Smith, Gold Coast (Australia) February / March 2013.

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2012 season)

Most people can lose interest in their work after eight years of doing the same thing – but not so with the crew on Tengirri. Having been on the boat 5 times over the last eight years the “boiz” have not lost any of their enthusiasm or sense of humour. Tengirri knows the breaks, thinks ahead for the relative skills of the surfers on the boat and every time will have you on the break before anyone else, always motivating you to get out there and have a go.
Donald the cook has the culinary skills of a Michelin star chef, always cooking variety with spice, he has been on board seven years along with Ini (six years) who fixes any board break or dings, picks you up and drops you into a break anytime all day long. With Oscar the local skipper you are in a steady pair of hands knowing the boat is in secure anchorage every night and Feri the deckie is always there to help with any whim or want.
Finding uncrowded perfection is one of Tengirri’s strengths and for our bang for the buck you couldn’t get a better boat or team to be on leaving Padang for a little surfing adventure. We will be back again. Yeah Filthy and the “boiz”.

Paul Callander, Rob Wall & The Boiz, September / October 2012.

Just back from the recent trip on Tengirri and wanted to pass on to you what a great trip is was and again mention the quality of the product the Tengirri crew provide up there.
We have been on numerous trips (land based and boats) and while some of the boats have been bigger and more luxurious none have equalled the quality and genuine nature of the service Tengirri and the crew provide.

Ross Taylor, June 2012.

Hey Tengirri,
Wanted to thank you and your team for yet another great adventure. Surfing up north was a real treat! I know all the guys have really enjoyed the Tengirri experience, you run a great operation. Thanks once again & hopefully I’ll be back soon.

Jeffrey Gray, April / May 2012.

I have just landed in Sydney.
A huge thank you to you and the boys for creating 11 days of pure heaven!!!
I felt I was in a different world from the moment I stepped on the boat and it felt like the best dream I ever had ended when we got off at Padang 11 days later.
So many memories to treasure and of course pics to remind me when I want to escape from reality!!!
One thing that really stood out was the professional manner you run that boat; always spotless and nothing is a problem.
Best of all was that we were always first on any break for a dawn strike!
Awesome times Tengirri and thank you for amazing service and your constant encouragement to ‘get out there’ even when your arms won’t paddle another stroke!
To get a straight 7 days of pulsing swell and surfing perfect Telescopes was a highlight!
I look forward to my next trip…if only it could be next week!
Bruce Stafford, Sydney Australia, May 2012

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2011 season)

“Tengirri, well done on a great trip. We all had a ball. Great crew, great skippering, love the surf videos you made for us. Thanks again.”
Tony Bannon (Sydney (Australia), November 2011)

“Hey Tengirri,
Just a note from all of us. It was another unbelievable trip, and hard to leave your island paradise. You got us to great waves and always first, you fattened us up and put up with our humour. We will be back and already planning it. Anthony thanks for your help as well, can you put all these guys on your mailing list. Many thanks.”
Paul Callender (Perth (Australia), October 2011)

“Hey Tengirri,
Thanks for everything. Cannot thank you enough. Awesome boat, excellent crew, life changing experience, decent group of guys, most of them… ;-). You’re a true entertainer my friend. From perfect breaks, to perfect meals, and everything in between. Looking forward to next year! I want to join you in the barrels for sure. Cheers,”
Paul Borrud (Sydney (Australia), September 2011)

“Hi Tengirri,
To surf the Mentawai waves with you was really a nice experience for me and my friends, and i thank you for your commitment and also congratulate you for your knowledge about the spots! (you were always right about conditions…). Be sure that i’m thinking about another indo surf trip with you!!! Your friend,”
Dr Marcelo Malta (Brazil, June 2011)

Compliments to you and gratitude for an excellent trip with impeccable judgment calls on where/when/how to move. Thank you for your professional expertise and making the trip EPIC! You and the Tengirri are an excellent demonstration of what a properly managed vessel can handle on the high seas.”
Sam Iler (USA, July 2011)

“Hi Anthony,
Tengirri is working well & the small improvements work a treat, I think this was our best trip yet.”
John Murray (Sydney, Australia, May 2011)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I really had a great holiday. I have come back so relaxed and feeling great. The surf was amazing, the service gets better every year, as does the video footage (haha). I will have to book another one soon.”
Gavin Bishop (Sydney, Australia, May 2011)

“Hi Rhonda (The Perfect Wave Travel Agent)
Would guess the other guys have probably been in touch by now but I just wanted to drop my two cents worth in regarding our trip onboard the Tengirri. Where to begin? Right from the start with the pick up at the airport the guys where more than accommodating taking me into town to pick up some gear before dropping me of at the hotel. The welcome onto the boat was great the crew keen and friendly. We were made to feel comfortable and at home right off the bat. The Tengirri crew dropped us straight into the surf the next day and every day for the whole 11 days. Tengirri crew were ever ready to motivate us oldies into the water. Fantastic waves, fantastic food and fantastic service. I doubt that there would be more you could ask for. The food a great mix of western and Indonesian and never the same twice – quite the achievement on a boat. I can recommend Donald’s sashimi ability to any one, the tuna a delight under the beer tent. I feel that I can speak for all when I say we would highly recommend travelling through the Mentawai Islands with the Tengirri Crew. I would appreciate you passing my thanks to Tengirri, Oscar, Donald, Inn and Benny for providing such a memorable holiday.”
Brett Madalena (Perth, Western Australia, April/May 2011)

“Hi Rhonda,
Just wanted to thankyou for setting us up with Tengirri. Tengirri crew documented our trip with his camera & video which was nothing short of the professional. The boat was very comfortable with all the luxuries you would ever need for a good trip in the Mentawais. The captain had us at the best surf with the minimum amount of guys in the water all the time. He was always keeping us up to speed with where we were going next and what to expect. Oscar the Captain is a Master 5 captain that comes from the Mentawais. Tengirri certainly has the best Captain in the islands. Donald the cook blew us away with his cooking. Surfed my heart out and came back to Perth 1kg heavier. Inn & Benny the crew were always waiting close by to get us whatever we needed. After looking at the other top end boats I was happy to see that we were on the best boat out there for up to eight guys. Thanks again for getting us onto such a good boat.”
Rod Hernaman (Perth, Western Australia, April/May 2011)

“What an amazing trip…a world class boat and the waves were great. Just got home to freezing water poor conditions 1-3′ waves..ugh..”
Howard Spunt (Malibu, California, USA, April 2011)

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2010 season)

Trip 8: 09/0612-21/06/12
Back in the office after the most awesome surf trip! Thank you, Andy, Donny and Ian for making our trip as special as it was. At no time was anything too much trouble and everything was done with a smile and good cheer. Upon reflection, I cannot find anything that I would have wanted different or improved. I can’t wait to get back on the Tengirri and hopefully next year we will be back for more! I was hoping to lose weight on the trip, but blame it on Donny’s awesome food, my wife recons I have put on a few kilos. Thanks again Tengirri and next time I got to come out of a few barrels!
Hope the boyz are getting waves!
Bruce Stafford (Sydney, Australia, September 2010)

Once again thanks again to Tengirri for your hospitality and the way you deal with an eclectic bunch of characters , can’t be easy but you do a good job of it which i can tell you is quite a skill… Hope to froth up again with you soon mate

Simon Fossilo (Western Australia, August 2010)

“Hey Filthy
Thanks again for the trip, you guys really stepped it up an extra notch, next trip you just need to eradicate the crowds for those two days we bumped into people as we will be striving for 100% 24 / 7 uncrowded perfection…..The boys were great and you have a fantastic team with an incredible attitude. Thanks again, cheers”

Brett Newman (Sydney, Australia, August 2010)

“My thanks to you for making it such a great trip for me – the highlight and climax of 45 years of hacking in the surf. It was without a doubt the best 2 weeks surfing i have ever had, and much of the credit goes to you and the Tengirri crew for your skill at sussing out the range of competence of the group and finding waves that left no-one feeling unsatisfied. I couldn’t believe that we had so many days to ourselves where I only had to occasionally pull out the seniors card to get a wave rather than having to endlessly struggle with brasilian frothers who couldn’t give a toss about some old fart in the lineup.”
Andrew Dix (Sydney, Australia, August 2010)

“Dear Tengirri
Having been meaning to drop you a line and thank you very much for such a great trip.Can you also thank the crew as well.I’ve no doubt that the DVD of the trip has already been worn out with the boys showing their friends what a tremendous trip we all had and how good the waves were….a little big on occasions for some of us.
Best Wishes, Nick Wilcox

Nick Wilcox (Sydney, Australia, July 2010

Dear Tengirri
I can’t believe I am sitting back in my office reflecting and bragging to all my staff about the magnificent trip you have provided for the second year in a row!! Your hospitality, local knowledge and easy going manner made us all feel that your judgement is never in question. Thank you once again to you and your staff for an outstanding two weeks and for all the time you and the boys put into creating such superb photographic and video footage of us. Kind regards, Alfonz

Alastair Craig (Victoria, Australia, June 2010)

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2009 season)

“What a trip!! I have been saving for a Mentawais trip for over 5 years now thanks to the Tengirri crew this trip was everything I had been hoping for. I will be back again.”
Ben Houston (Sydney, Australia, September 2009)

“Many thanks to the crew of Tengirri, I have had one of the best surf trips of my life. Nothing was ever a problem. The hospitality was second to none. Great Food and Great times. I look forward to many more trips on board the Tengirri.”
Andrew Harris (Sydney, Australia, August 2009)

“Our 4th tour on Tengirri and the best so far. Great company , waves, magnificent food. We will be back for No5.”
Wayne Chivas (Central Coast, Australia, July 2009)

“Yeah Boiz, thanks for an amazing trip with the best waves and the best times. Thanks for taking our crap and still having a beer with us. See you all next time. PS thanks for the icelands BOMBS”
Gavin Glozier
(Sydney, Australia, June 2009)

“Hi Tengirri,
On behalf of all the boys, I would like to sincerely say a huge THANK YOU to you and everyone on board for making our trip so fantastic. The expertise and local knowledge shared by you and your staff is truly commendable! We had a look at the video and photos last night and it was really terrific. Even Deb gave me the thumbs up to go again next year! Thanks again and we are now counting down the days until we do it all again! Cheers,”

Alfonz Craig (Melbourne, Australia, June 2009)

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2008 season)

“Sick waves and sick boat. Great trip. Thanks for dialing us up for sick Maccas at 6ft for 3 days with no boats. Yeah Boizz!!”
Brodie Carr (Gold Coast, Australia, T05:12-24 April 2008)

“Thanks for a great trip guys! Sick Maccas and the best birthday ever!!”
Dave Prodan (T05:12-24 April 2008)

“Thanks for another great surf trip. That makes it 3 in a row. Hope to make it 4. Great food, service and surf.”
Peter Greig (Australia, T03:14-26 Mar 2008)

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2007 season)

“Yeah Boiz,
Second trip back. Absolutley sensational you guys have got it nailed. Excellent food, awesome waves. Looked after better then home. See us again soon.”

Nigel Benn, Paul Broughten, Paul Forrest, Glen Jameson, Greg Calder, Jamie Trickey and Barry Reid (Victoria, Australia, T17:12-24 Oct 2007)

“Thanks for the experience Lads,
Best skipper on the high seas and the best crew to back him up. Look forward to another high seas adventure soon.”

Peter Dron (Australia, T12:3-15 Aug 2007)

“Cheers Boys. All bases covered. 11 breaks in 12 days. Couldn’t ask for anything more!!”
Rod Dahlberg (Angourie, Australia, T12:3-15 Aug 2007)

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2006 season)

“Massive thanks to the boat crew of Tengirri, Jeff Davies, for skippering the 47 foot turbo charged Catamaran throughout the island archipelagos chasing waves (the biggest larrikin out here, a man who lives off Tim Tams and beer – no joke), Filthy for putting up with our crap and owning the boat, Donald the chef for daily masterpieces – best food in the islands (ever), Titus the mental Timorese-Portuguese boat engineer who sleeps in his rashie (even has a special rashie he wants to be buried in), and all the other surfers on the boat for allowing me to drop in on them when not shooting. If you’re interested in a 12 day tour like this around the Sumatran islands, I recommend this zippy 47 footer as you get to places fast, the food is awesome and carrying 6 surfers you’re not an instant crowd.”
Eugene Tan (Sydney, Australia, T8: Jul 2006)

“Thanks for a great trip. Excellent boat. Cooking up a storm. See you all again next year!!!”
Michael Miller (Sydney, Australia, T8: Jul 2006)

“Tengirri, Jeff, Titus, Donal,
This trip exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for being such a great crew. We had excellent waves, food and lots of laughs. Hope to see you back again next year.”

Guy Lake (Sydney, Australia, T8: Jul 2006)

Good times all round!! Great to be on a boatthat was ready to hunt for waves. The food was fine, the crew were a bunch of champions. Looking forward to coming back and surfing Aquabumps right again.”

Simon “Roundhouse” Ranson (Sydney, Australia, T8: Jul 2006)

“Captain Bazza and Team,
Thanks for am excellent trip. Many happy memories of good waves, great food and general shit giving.”

Tim Kelley (Sydney, Australia, T8: Jul 2006)

“Just wanted to pass on my thanks for a stunning time with Captain Bintang and Tengirri. The organisation was fantastic and the boys went the extra mile to ensure we surfed great uncrowded waves. As I spend half my life hamming around the world eating and drinking, I can honestly say the food and service were better than most of the five star establishments I frequent! Can’t wait to the next trip and I wish luck with your future ventures. Thanks again for an amazing experience.”
Muir McCallum (NZ, T5: Jun 2006)

“Hey there Anthony, just want to get this back to you. Our trip was insane. Absolutely no complaints or hassles. had an absolutely great time. The Tengirri crew are classic and the captain Jeff is legendary.”
Yiannis Venieris (USA, T4: May 2006)

“The boat and crew were awesome. Absolutely first rate and professional. We will be back, in 2008. Donnel was an outstanding cook. Titus was classic. Jeff and the rest of the crew took great care of us. I consider them all friends now, and will miss joking around with them and that fridge full of Bintangs.”
Erik Jones (USA, T4: May 2006)

Testimonials for Tengirri Surf Charters (2005 season)

“That trip was ‘hot as, bullshit, sick’,… It was incredible. Thank you for the invite Laurent & Ernie. I thank all of you.”
Bill Burbage (USA, T14: Early Sep 2005)

“I would just like to thank u guys, on behalf of all of us, for making it a trip we will never forget, your professionalism in the way u guys operate, your organization, the speed of the boat, the quality of the waves, was second to none. We’ll be definitely trying to get back onboard next year. Had a great time thanks heaps from all of us.”
Nigel Benn and co (Australia, T13: Late Aug 2005)

Thank you! Thank you! Thankyou!
I had a great trip. Great food and good waves even with the stormy weather. You guys made the trip happen with your knowledge and heads up attitude. With luck I will see you again.” < Mike Curtis (USA, T12: Aug 2005)

“Final Night Boyz. Trip was unreal!
You guys managed to find us fun waves even with the lack of swell. The food was unreal. Absolutely beautiful islands out here and I cant wait to come back and let you know how its all done . Best of luck you guys.
Keep it Real, MATE!”

Brian Atlee (USA, T12: Aug 2005)

“?Quo Noa Vatos? What can I say? You guys rip! Unreal vibe on the boat.
Starting with unreal tubes @Lagundri and ended with a dream barrel @ da Boot, and everything in between. Tequila night with the captain, Big Bawa, Reeling Asu.
Wheeeweee, Gracias Portodo.”

Mexi – Mike (USA, T12: Aug 2005)

“This is the 6th trip to Indo and my 5th boat trip. This has been by far the best run boat, I have been on.
Thanks for the hospitality.”

Gregory (San Diego, Cal USA, T12: Aug 2005)

“You guys are the best! Very customer friendly.Thanks for a great trip.”
Ken Atlee (USA, T12: Aug 2005)

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