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This website will help prepare you for the ultimate surfing experience. TENGIRRI is a 14 metre (46 foot) power catamaran designed specifically for surf charters. We take small groups to enjoy consistently perfect surf, minimal crowds, awesome food and the tropical paradise that the Mentawai Islands (near Sumatra, Indonesia) are famous for!! Enjoy the site and Contact Us if you would like to make a booking or speak directly with the owners/operators of TENGIRRI…

Latest News From Tengirri

04 April 2014 – Mentawais in March !!

Steaming further afield to find some empty sand bottom barrels was how our most recent charter began, a little dip in the swell size kept us docking up to the swell magnets during the early part of the charter. With on board spirits at all time high the barrels came in the way of grinding left hander in the southern chain. Check out this 2 min clip of the Mentawais in March and a fresh Tengirri Photo Gallery

We still have the following sposts available on board Tengirri in 2014:
19th June – 1st July – 7 spots – discounted now – guranteed to depart !!
3rd July – 15th July – 2 spots – discounted now – guranteed to depart !!
16th July – 27th July – 8 spots.
2nd August – 14th August – 8 spots.
16th August – 28th August – 8 spots.

plus more in the lucky late season 2014. Contact anthony@tengirri.com for more info….

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20th March 2014 – March in the Mentawais !!

An overnight steam to the Mentawai Islands funnest left put the good ship and its lucky passengers into some empty lineups from day 1 on our most recent charter. The boiz from the Shire had travelled with us before and can’t get enough of the early season action in the Mentawais when the crowds and winds are both light, more photos from our latest charter can be found in the Tengirri Photo Gallery.

7th March 2014 – February on Fire !!

Wow ! what a trip.. when you can enjoy 3 of the Mentawai Islands A-grade waves empty and perfect its bound to be a memorable charter for those who took the gamble on an early season trip in Feb 2014. Lucking into perfect dreamlike conditions at Telescopes on day 2 and back up with endless well groomed perfection Lances Right a few days later. Check out this link in the Tengirri Photo Gallery for a collection of amazing photos from Feb 2014 in the Mentawai Islands.

20th February 2014 – Maiden Voyage for 2014 !!

Tengirri has just returned from its maiden voyage for 2014 from the Mentawai Islands some great equatorial conditions and lots of swell on tap. Check out this new Tengirri Photo Gallery and a fresh Tengirri Video from the trip !!